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Perspective…a uniquely creative point of view provided by an all-around artist with vast experience both behind and in front of the camera.
Something magical is produced when your wedding video is entrusted to the vision of a seasoned wedding professional, crowd entertainment specialist and veteran television performer.Your Team Director, Reko Rivera

Reko Rivera is a 25+ year Central Florida resident with a background in everything entertainment and experience in just about every aspect of weddings. Reko’s vast network of wedding and entertainment industry professionals will provide all the resources to create an incredible video production of your special day. From lighting to music and sound systems, to engaging your guests – every detail can be entrusted to this spectacular team.
Meticulous attention to detail, superior customer relationships, and a love for what we do are the pillars of excellence applied to your momentous production. Let’s make the magic last a lifetime.

Our team is led by the world’s most interesting wedding videographer!


Reko Rivera
13+ yrs in the Wedding Industry
20+ yrs in Entertainment
7-time American Ninja Warrior competitor